What’s with the blog?

March 11, 2008

For the most part, the blog on this site includes three kinds of posts:

Update: These show works in progress. I usually post them over the weekend. If you have commissioned a piece that is under construction, you can check in each Monday to see what’s happening in the shop with your project.

Portfolio: These show photos of a finished piece, along with a short essay about it. You can get a list of all the Portfolio posts by going to the “Portfolio” page via the menu bar, and from there link to the individual posts. Alternatively, just scroll to the bottom of any page, to the big gray rectangle, and click on the “Portfolio” category (or any category) to see all the posts of that type.

On …: These are brief musings on how I approach craftsmanship and design, or explanations about the techniques and materials I use.

There may be other posts mixed in now and then, probably of interest mostly to other woodworkers:

Published: Items I have written that have appeared in woodworking publications.

Tools: Posts about tools I have made or vintage tools I have restored.


One Response to “What’s with the blog?”

  1. Richard from Springfield said

    Hi Bob, Very nice blog and web pages you have here.
    And outstanding work, just stay away form my place, I don’t want to be embarrassed. ;>))

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