Portfolio: Stickley-esque Coffee Table

March 20, 2008


Stickley-esque Coffee Table.

This is a straightforward table adapted from a design marketed by the Arts & Crafts furniture maker Gustav Stickley. While the design is very simple, I have always thought it has a lovely grace and strength. coffeedetail.jpgIt is, as Stickley was fond of saying about his products, an “honest” piece of furniture, with its big, exposed mortise and tenon joints.

Stickley’s original was made of oak, and sometimes had a top made of ceramic tiles set into a wooden frame. This one is made of maple, but it is such a versatile design. It could be dressed up and done in walnut, say, for a refined look, or given a warm and rustic flavor by making it from a softwood, perhaps reclaimed Douglas fir or pine. It also would serve well displaying a top of strikingly figured wood, depending on your taste. The cost starts at $390, depending on the type of wood you chose.

42 inches long x 21 deep x 18 tall.

(Photos by Weston Becker)


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