Portfolio: The Writing Desk

March 22, 2008



The Writing Desk.

This small desk was inspired by the work of such 17th century English furniture makers as Thomas Sheraton and George Hepplewhite. It is what might have been referred to in those days as a lady’s writing desk. These days it ends up being more of a laptop desk. The furniture ofdeskdetail.jpg the 17th century usually was heavily ornamented, however. I wanted to strip away most of the carving and inlay that was used then to give the desk a more contemporary feel. In the end you get something not unlike what the Shakers built. But there is some accenting in Bolivian rosewood, banding around the legs near the floor and a pencil rail that arches along the back of the top. Looking back on this desk, several years later, I think I might have gone too far in removing ornamentation. I think the basic form would be well suited to a bit more inlay and accent, which I could easily add to a desk like this, if you prefer.deskdoves.jpg The entire desk is curved, the top forming a mild crescent shape. The rails and the front of the drawer are curved as well. This version is made of cherry.

44 inches long x 30 high x 20 deep

The cost to commission a similar desk, depending on the type of wood, is about $1,500.

(Photos by George Filgate)


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