Portfolio: Limbert Side Table

March 24, 2008

passarotable1.jpgLimbert-style Side Table.

Chances are you are familiar with the work of Gustav Stickley, whose Mission Style furniture is iconic of the Arts & Crafts era. One of Stickley’s lesser-known contemporaries was one Charles Limbert, who worked in a similar style — a lot of dark oak, exposed joints and a stout overall appearance.

limbertdetail.jpgThis table is essentially a Limbert design, though it was adapted and reworked a bit by one of my woodworking mentors, Gary Rogowski. I first built this table in a class with Gary. In subsequent constructions I have made a few of my own refinements to the design. While I typically don’t make exact copies of Arts & Crafts pieces, I am happy to occasionally work in that style, and this table is always fun to build. We are also blessed, in Oregon, to have a native species of white oak tree that provides fine lumber for work like this.

The particular table shown in the top photo here and in the detail photo of the bookmatched top, made for a client in Eugene, is built from a 306-year-old Oregon white oak that grew near Jefferson, Ore. tabletop.jpgIt blew down in a storm and was salvaged by a small mill operator, who saved it from becoming firewood. I was lucky to be able to buy some of this wood and help give part of that old tree a second life.

You can commission this table in Oregon white oak for $500. It also could be made oval rather than round, or from other types of wood. Get in touch, and we’ll talk.

21 inches diameter x 24 tall

(Photos by George Filgate and Weston Becker)


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