On backsides

March 30, 2008


Above: Back of the Crider Nightstand (2006)
Below: Back of the Double Bookcase (2004).

I can rarely bring myself to slap a piece of plywood into the back of a case piece and call it good enough.

bookcaseback.jpgI usually find myself building a frame-and-panel back that I expect will look as nice as the front. “What a waste of time,” some might say! “Why bother? It’s against the wall. Who’ll ever see it?”

Perhaps, but if I’m going put in as much time and care as I do on these pieces, it just feels wrong to cut corners on the back. Better to make the piece complete and well done all the way around.

And should you ever decide you want to position one of my cabinets in a way that its back will be visible, by all means do. In fact I hope you’ll be proud to.


One Response to “On backsides”

  1. lee34j said

    Hi Bob
    Great looking furniture. I like the backs on them.
    My wife has a hard time placing furniture around the house because the backs are so lousy, she has to place them against the wall. I’m sure the back looks as good as the front.
    You are a crafts man bar-none. I wrote an article about such craftsmen like you.
    If you would to read it, it is on my blog, and is called “A Breed Apart”

    Lee Bowman

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