Update: Display shelf

April 7, 2008

Currently in progress is this small display shelf — being built of cherry — that is meant to hang on a wall. The main case is mostly done. I’m working on the two drawers that fit in the bottom area. The dovetails are cut, though these were a tricky bit of work. The fronts of the drawers curve and the two drawers are divided part way across the arc made by the front of the shelves — which means the sides of the drawers are different lengths and the angles at which the sides and front meet are not 90 degrees.

The next step is to make the drawer pulls (that’s what that block of ebony in the photo is for — I typically don’t buy ebony anymore, but I have a bit that I bought long ago.) Then the drawers will be glued together and fit to the case. Lastly, I’ll add bottom panels to the drawers. Then it will be ready for finishing.


One Response to “Update: Display shelf”

  1. Great work, Bob. I can’t wait to have it hanging in my kitchen. It’s going to be a permanent part of my house! Cheers,


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