Published: Woodwork magazine tip

April 28, 2008

Note 7/2009: Woodwork magazine was sold to the publisher of American Woodworker. They published one issue of Woodwork. But it now appears to be defunct.

My favorite woodworking magazine is called Woodwork. Here is a short item I wrote that appeared in the Tips & Techniques section of the August 2007 edition (No. 106):

I spent years shuffling a stack of Tupperware containers that held my waterstones. But they were clumsy and took up too much space in my very small shop. So I came up with this idea to store my three stones vertically in pieces of plastic pipe. I found a length of 4-inch PVC pipe at my local salvage yard. I bought three end caps to fit. I cut the pipe into three pieces, each about 1-1/2 to 2 inches longer than my longest stone. Using PVC pipe cement, I glued a cap to one end of each piece, so that they held water without leaking. Then I made three little crosses from scraps of oak, using a half-lap joint. The pieces of oak are about 1/2” by 3/4” and just long enough to fit snugly inside the pipe. You need to be able to push the assembled cross down to the bottom of the pipe to rest on the end cap. But it has to be snug enough so it won’t float to the surface when you fill the pipe with with water. The purpose of the cross is simply to prop the stone 3/4” or so above the end cap, to keep the stone out of the gunk that will settle on the bottom. Then I built a cradle to hold the three pipes, and hung it from the wall next to my sharpening station. Make this cradle as simple or elaborate as you want. I made wedges to hold the pipes firmly in place. And I put on hinged lids to keep dust out of the water. One final piece of advice: Put the stone in the pipe first; then fill it with water. You might be surprised by the amount of displacement, and the whole thing will overflow if you fill the pipe first and then drop the stone in.


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