Portfolio: Display shelf

May 20, 2008

Display shelf.

A client wanted a way to display a few teapots and things, and I got a little carried away.

I’d say the influence on this design is a mix of the Arts & Crafts era and the woodworker James Krenov (read a little more about Krenov here).

The front of these shelves curve, which means the front of the drawers curve. That means the sides of the drawers are different lengths, and the sides and front don’t meet at a 90-degree angle. It all got a bit complicated, and this turned out to be a more challenging piece than I expected. But it turned out to have a quiet sort of grace that I really like.

It is made of cherry wood with ebony pulls and other accents. The drawer pulls are carved by hand, and I let the faceting from the knife remain rather than sand and polish them smooth.

26 inches long x 20 high x 7 deep. A piece like this would start around $400, without the curved front, and depending on the species of wood chosen.

(Photos by George Filgate)


One Response to “Portfolio: Display shelf”

  1. chetan said

    Hi Bob!

    Just stumbled across your website while reading today’s Old Tools digest.

    Your work is just impeccable — a real inspiration for this novice craftsman! I’m especially impressed by the elegant Krenovian curves of the display shelf. How did you do the drawer joinery?

    Thanks for sharing these photos!


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