Update: Slant-front desk

January 11, 2010

The desk/carcass part is pretty much built, though there are a few details to take care of and then some sanding and a finish to put on. Now I’m putting the stand together. You’ll see four rails and four legs here, but there will actually be a second set of rails on three sides (all but the front) that will be lower.


Update: Slant-front desk

October 16, 2009

Drawers are finished and fitted. Moving on now to wrap up the fall-front.

(click on pictures to see larger versions)

Update: Slant-front desk

July 31, 2009

Gallery is finished — well, except that a few of those little cubbyholes will have drawers in them.



Also finished up the “loafers,” which are the pieces that pull out to support the top when it is folded down.

Next up: start making drawers.

Update: Slant-front desk

June 28, 2009

Been working on this desk awhile, which has an old-style slant front that folds down. Some assembly is still required here, of course, but the main carcass is finished. The front and back are basically put together, but will be attached later. The next step will be to build the gallery, a collection of shelves and cubby holes inside.

Here it is in the open position. All those thin boards inside the desk are the pieces that will become the gallery.


Here it is with the front in the closed position — sort of. It’s sitting kind of low because it’s just resting there — the hinges aren’t attached yet. And across the top are the boards that will become the drawer fronts for the four drawers along the top of the desk.

desk1frontHere is a view from the back. It won’t be sticking out like that when it’s installed for good and glued in. But that won’t happen until I get the gallery in place.


And finally, here’s a look at one of the dovetailed top corners. The desk is built mostly from wood that came from a 100+ year old butternut tree here in Eugene that had to be cut down after it was damaged in a storm. I’ve used this wood for a couple of other projects, but except for a few odds and ends this will pretty much use up the last of the wood that I had acquired from this tree. Butternut is a cool wood, much like walnut, but a medium tan color instead of dark like walnut. Butternut seems a little uncommon, though. I hope I’ll come across some more some day.


Update: Display shelf

May 5, 2008

Last update on this project. It’s finished. I’ll post better photos and a portfolio entry soon.