You can commission a piece of furniture from me in two ways: First, you may be interested in having me build you a design I have already created, something you see on this site; alternatively, you may want me to design a new piece from scratch.

Either way, we begin by sitting down to talk about what you want.

Step 1 – First meeting: If you are looking at an existing design, we can discuss the type of wood you would like it made from as well as any changes in detailing or size. If you want a new design, I want to hear your thoughts on what you envision. I am interested in seeing favorite pieces of furniture, pottery or art that you own or photographs of things you like. If you have a specific place where the piece will sit, I like to see that spot if possible.

commsketch.jpgStep 2 – Design: If we are designing something new, I’ll get back to you with several sketches based on our initial conversation. I will also give you a ballpark price estimate. If you want to move ahead, you can make suggestions, and we will essentially start a back-and-forth design process that usually involves several generations of drawings, a quarter-scale model and, occasionally, a full-scale mock-up. Your feedback and collaboration is welcome as we refine the design.

Step 3 – Price quote and deposit: Once we settle on a design and the type of wood, I will give you a firm price. At this point I require a 15 percent deposit, which will be credited to the final price.

commcabinet.jpgStep 4 – Construction: It may be up to a couple of months before your project gets to the front of the line. Once I am ready to start cutting up lumber for your project, I require payment of half of the agreed price, less any deposit you made. You can check in on my blog, where I’ll post updates on the building of your project. I’m happy to have clients stop in the shop now and then, as well. The balance of payment is due when I deliver your piece — or immediately prior to shipping if it will be shipped.

Delivery time: I must point out that I often have a waiting list, and I work with care, building your piece entirely by myself. It takes time. Depending on the project and my backlog, it may be up to six months from our initial meeting until the piece is delivered.

My warranty: I guarantee my furniture for life, even if it changes owners, and I expect it to serve you trouble-free for decades. If any problem develops under normal use, I will fix it free of charge. Should the piece be damaged by accident or abuse, I can try to repair it but may have to charge for my time.

Give me a call or e-mail to get started: (541) 684-0691;


One Response to “Commissioning”

  1. Bonnie said

    Very beautiful woodworking, Bob. I am a very proud owner of one of the pieces!
    Love GaGa

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